Bobrisky: Our culture is dying, says Femi Branch

Nollywood actor Femi Department has responded to a latest remark by controversial crossdresser Bobrisky that Oba Ewuare II, the Oba of Benin, ought to marry him.

In a trending video, Bobrisky had mentioned: “The queen’s are in Benin. We’re right here to disturb Benin. This one ain’t shere shere oh! We’re right here to disturb Benin. Oba from Benin, Bob don o in! Come and marry me, Oba.’

His remark sparked a wave of response on social media, with many customers accusing him of “undermining the normal establishment”.

Bobrisky later apologized, claiming he was simply joking.

“Hey guys, I’ve seen somewhat core of what I mentioned about our honorable and nice Oba,” he mentioned.

“Sorry, I used to be simply kidding. I used to be simply cruising, like I used to be chilling. I by no means knew you guys would take it personally.

“So it is a video to apologize for being sorry. Please do not take it personally. And I like you a lot. Thanks!”

The actor responded to the incident in a dwell session on Instagram, saying the transgender’s self-praised remark reveals that tradition and custom are dying in society.

“Lots of people meet me and say, ‘I do not actually watch Nigerian movies, however I watch your personal movies. With all of the apologies, that is one of many dumbest issues individuals say,’ he mentioned.

“Is my very own film a Togolese? That is one of many causes I respect Benin tradition. Have a look at what has occurred lately. Bobrisky was joking. However with some settings you aren’t kidding.

“Bobrisky may say he is a Yoruba man (or babe); however ‘she’ needs to be addressed. He will need to have seen how some Yoruba-obas have behaved recently. That will need to have given him the sensation that he may make such a comment concerning the revered Oba of Benin.

“When he made that assertion, he realized that the Oba of Benin isn’t just any king. Some individuals thought the reactions have been a bit exaggerated, however the Benin individuals do not joke with their tradition. And that is as a result of the Oba of Benin would not “carry himself” in spite of everything.

“Our tradition and custom are dying by the minute and folks do not even appear to care. There was an uproar by the indigenous individuals of Benin for not making enjoyable of their king and their king with their custom.

“Do you assume if Bobrisky had made such an announcement a couple of Yoruba oba, individuals would have been speaking? Let’s inform ourselves the reality. Is it regular to see our kings frolicking with ‘abnormal individuals’ on Instagram?”

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