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I will be addressing you all on Business ideas for retired civil servants in Nigeria, and that’s directed to the more aged citizens who are active in the Nigerian Civil Service, closing in on retirement or have retired already.

I believe that working in the Nigerian Civil Service has its ups and downs, and through it all, it’s still just a regular job.

Civil servants are normally placed on pension after service, and life later depends on what you can do with the pension afterwards.

Now, imagine working down that line for 35 years straight, and then retiring, most would not want to remain idle but would like to continue in one form of business or another. – business ideas for retirees

Luckily, with your pension, you’re in the position to start looking for a suitable business idea that would get you through.

Luckily, there are a lot of business ideas that can be worked upon, that fits the kind of capital you have access to, and we shall be discussing them one after the other.

retirement business in Nigeria


As you might have guessed, this particular business is geared towards retired teachers, or retired civil servants that have a flair for large scale teaching.

Now, it isn’t just about bringing students together and teach them – it is a proper semi-formal venture which involves setting up a location and employing other teachers.

Tutoring - Business Ideas For Retired Civil Servants in Nigeria

The target audience should naturally be pupils and students who are getting ready for exams, and find teachers and materials to set up a tutorial centre for them.

With some capital, you can have a place rented out to you, and have it fitted with desks, chairs, and offices for administrative operations.

It is something that would be worth your while, provided you have the passion and flair for it.

Cake Making

This is a business that is slightly gender-oriented (women generally make cakes), but I think business is business and can be done by anyone.

Cake Making - retirement business in nigeria

You could use your pension to set up a cake making outfit, but you have to be certain that there is a good market for it in your area.

Doing that shouldn’t be too hard, as people normally celebrate festivities more often than not.

Find a location, and buy all the cake making tools that you can possibly find, and advertise to people.

Advertisement is the key thing to cake making; so you should focus on that, rather than just spending capital on the business alone.

Poultry Farming Business – business ideas for civil servants in Nigeria

If I have to reduce this list to just one business, it would be this poultry farming business.

Poultry Farming Business - business ideas for civil servants in nigeria

It is perhaps the most popular and most straight forward business you can venture into with your pension.

There are a ton of business strategies you can find online, and offline from people, that it should be one of the first businesses you should try out.

Make your research on the kind of poultry you want to venture into, and try to start out small.

All of these are the basics of the business, but you would have to now more on it, from real people you can find around you.

Recharge Card Business

No, don’t think this refers to those who sell recharge cards in small retail quantities, I’m talking about wholesale recharge card business.

Recharge Card Business

This would be worth your time, and money, provided you gather the right amount and quality of information.

Learn how to print the recharge cards in large quantities, and distribute it on a large scale to a lot of retailers.

If done right, you have your own distribution chain, and that translates into good turnover and profit.

Like I’ve said, information is the key thing with this business idea, and that would entail you meeting physical people who are in the know in the business already.

Repair Business

Repair Business

Why not set out a repair outfit with little capital in your area? It might not be the biggest or the best idea, but still worth it every bit of way.

Determine and decide what type of repair you want to do; this should be influenced by what you like doing as far as repairs are concerned.

Once you’ve decided on that, set up a location; doesn’t have to be too small, but not too big.

Employ one or two people to carry out repairs for you, or alongside you.

Writing online – financial opportunities for retirees in Nigeria

Easy one this is, and probably requires the least from your pension. In other words, you would spend less to write online.

Writing online - financial opportunities for retirees in nigeria

The only things you have to spend on is the little training you would have to get before starting out.

Speaking of starting out, try writing for blogs for a start, and then work your way up to professional websites, forums and so on.

Or you can use freelance platforms such as Fiverr and Upwork, and save your money entirely. You don’t have to worry about getting clients as those sites would do that for you.

Event Planning – side business ideas in Nigeria

Event planning is another business idea you can put your money into.

However, by comparison, it is the most capital intensive business idea on this list.

Event Planning - side business ideas in nigeria

First, you have to go for training and expos on event planning, then you set up a location, and invest in equipment and appliances for use and rent.

You would then have to make market research on the viability within your area.

People celebrate festivities, and you just have to research into the frequency of that, and how you can build an event planning business around it in such a way that would make you a lot of profit.

Conclusion on Business Ideas For Retired Civil Servants in Nigeria

Whether you’re nearing retirement, newly retired or just having foresight for the future, a business idea would really help you through your retirement days.

Aforementioned are some of the business you can easily start out on; they’re fit for the kind of people who would favour physical convenience over more labour – in other words, you don’t have to be running up and down.

You can even combine two or more ideas depending on how expendable your pension is, and how much more money you have access to.

Source: Askmebusiness.com

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