DOWNLOAD MOVIE: Sweet as Pie (2022)

DOWNLOAD MOVIE: Sweet as Pie (2022)

DOWNLOAD MOVIE: Sweet as Pie (2022)

Tamara Hayes, an entrepreneur dealing with the decline of her startup and a relationship, visits her family’s apple orchard in hopes of taking a break from life. She begins to fall in love with her childhood best friend and now farm manager, Will Lewis, and together they do everything they can to keep the farm alive. Will’s gentle encouragement reminds Tamara that the house is worth fighting for – and when he reveals her secret apple pie recipe, she’s inspired to make the “Million Dollar Idea” one more time.

Sweet as Pie (2022)

genre: Comedy, Family, Romance

Date of issue: July 31, 2022 (US)

stars: Rhiannon Fish, Kurtis Szarka, Mercedes De La Cruz, Roark Critchlow


Anna: English

Subtitles English language


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