How I get Organic Views On My Youtube Video Using Fiverr in 2 weeks

How I get Organic Views On My Youtube Video Using Fiverr in 2 weeks

A case study on the secret of a massive audience.

Hello, my name is Lawal Lekan and I’m a YouTuber. My goal is to provide motivational and inspirational material to people who want to hear it. I utilize my channel as a direct link between myself and my followers.

What I do is give life hacks, How to Make Money Online tutorials, and money-making videos for YouTube with camera reviews. . All the way through, I want to be genuine in what I do. To ensure that whatever concept or suggestion I offer is beneficial to everyone who relates to any of the postings/videos I produce,My channel has been growing progressively but there are still some things that is holding back the significant growth of my channel. When you watch my videos, i guess many of you think the same thing. This dude needs to order a youtube promotion service online.

And if you wonder why am saying this, then allow me to share with you some of my stats.

I have over 250 subscribers on my channel, and organic search has less than 5% of them. The worst part is that expecting people to subscribe naturally as a result of creating a video is a pipe dream. I believe that most YouTubers out there can understand or have been through this situation before.

You currently have 1.7k organic subscribers. You may inspect the chart to see how things are progressing.

For example, here are some SocialBlade statistics for your information. Even though Youtube has done well in comparison to other platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest, which is encouraged more through paid promotion.

So if you have been wondering where am i getting this high number of viewers, just go ahead visit here:

Although the growth of YouTube’s viewership has slowed significantly, it still has a long road ahead to grow organic traffic and acquire organic subscribers. And if we accept that YouTube was founded on the concept of sharing video content and developing a community around it, then I guess many people should understand why this will eventually come to pass.

Buying Views and Subscribers: What I Did To Boost My YT Stats

I first heard about this youtube promotion service from a friend of mine who is also into Youtube Marketing like me. He had ordered such service some months ago and told me how impactful it was for him at least. But someone like me who never bought views or subscribers before could not readily give it a try. I always ask the reason why? And after looking at my stats, it dawned on me that I should start taking youtube marketing more seriously.

My first goal was to get more subscribers and views on my videos. One of the things I like about SocialBlade is how they work with all social media platform channels even YouTube. Thus making it easy for you to track your progress on various channels without too much hustle.

But the overall point is that, if you are unable to drive organic traffic then there would be no way you can grow your channel or business online. The reason why many businesses fail in their initial stages is that they lack this exact thing; Organic Traffic. So i started by ordering 100 youtube subscribers from Fiverr (Cost 20$) to test the waters. I was very satisfied with how it worked out for me and this kicked start my YouTube promotions journey.

In fact, i have been getting YouTube promotion service from Pheoniz ever since then and if you are reading this article now, chances are that you want to boost your youtube channel or business as well. So let me show you how I get more organic traffic on my video channels by ordering a youtube promotion service online (sorry for being so long-winded). But if you have the time to go through with it, thank you in advance.

So Here Is How My Ordering Of Youtube Promotion Service From Fiverr Worked Out For Me: First of all, after making my order, they told me that I would get the views within 24 hours. However, for some reason, it took about 48 hours to show on SocialBlade. But overall, i was able to see an increase in my subscribers and video views on organic search.

I am very sure if you are serious about making money online through youtube, this is what you need as well. If you want to drive more traffic to your website or blog then this service will definitely help you out. I have been using them for the last three months now with little success but trust me when i say that there is something good coming soon from them. So if you are thinking of trying them out, just go ahead head over their Fr profile page here:

I Bought Views And Subscribers For This Video As Well

Are you wondering where all this is leading to? Well, here are the stats of another video I shot a few weeks ago. It got more organic traffic because according to SocialBlade, my video was shown online for 1 hour and 5 minutes inside the Youtube platform. And that is only within the first 3 days after uploading it on youtube. If interested in seeing the stats,

Click here:

Just imagine if video can stay online even longer than I did, how much would it boost your views and subscribers?

For instance, one of my videos stayed on youtube for over 4 days and had over 10 thousand views within the first 5 days after uploading it. And this is all due to purchasing a youtube promotion service online .

And that video was titled How To Make 20k Daily From Dollar Arbitrage USING PYYPL AND BINANCE [1000$ LIMIT], which wound up getting more than 1.8k organic traffic. If you are interested in seeing the stats just click here:

Please Note: I am not saying these numbers will definitely come out of non-organic traffic but trust me when I say that they will be close enough to give you an insight on how much organic traffic your videos would get if properly promoted. To see what I mean, just try this for yourself then you will understand what I am saying.

Why Should You Promote your Youtube Channel? As we all know that YouTube is owned by Google and Google loves money. So it makes sense to put as much effort as possible in order to rank well on their platform. Thus resulting in more organic traffic. And I don’t know about you but my experience with ordering youtube promotion service from Fiverr has proven good over time, thus making me a better content creator overall.


In conclusion, Pheoniz has been helping boost my views and subscribers on various platforms such as Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, and others THOUGH I was able to see the increased results only after doing this for a few months now.

The reason why it took time before I could see the benefits of this service is that when someone orders a youtube promotion service from Fiverr, they add you to their list and add your video to the organic traffic category.

Because of this, your social share increases in order for them to boost you up on the youtube platform. Which results in increased subscribers and views that are all counted as non-organic which leads me into believing that Fiverr does know what they are doing after all.

So if you have been wondering where am i getting this high number of viewers, just go ahead visit here:

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