How To MaKe Millions From Airdrops Managing Multiple Accounts

How To MaKe Millions From Airdrops Managing Multiple Accounts

Are you looking for a way to make millions without investing much of your time and effort? If yes, then you are in the right place. In this article, we will discuss how to make millions from airdrops by managing multiple accounts.

To put it simply, airdrops are free tokens that crypto projects distribute to their community members. Airdrops can be an excellent opportunity to earn money, but the process can be time-consuming and complicated. However, managing multiple accounts can make the process more manageable and profitable.

In this article, we will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to manage multiple accounts and make millions from airdrops. We will also include expert opinions and real-life examples to make it more informative and trustworthy. So, without any further ado, let’s jump into the world of airdrop management and make some money!

Did you know that some people make millions from airdrops by farming them with hundreds or even thousands of accounts?

I’m probably going to get hate for revealing these secrets…

…but here you go ??Image

Disclaimer: I do not condone nor encourage Sybil attacks. The following information is provided for educational purposes only to understand how it happens. 
I interviewed a pro – let’s call him Marlon – and this is what he said ? 

I will reveal all my secrets:We’ll cover everything from on-chain preparations and advanced wallet management, to distributing assets without looking like a Sybil.

Plus, essential tools and tips that’ll save you time and keep you from making costly mistakes.Image

Airdrops involve distributing free tokens for various actions during a project’s early stages as a way to reward early supporters.There are two primary reasons for giving away free tokens:
• Gaining attention
• Addressing legal issuesImage

Airdrops bring hype, liquidity and value justification to crypto projects.Many projects are avoiding SEC interference by ditching token sales for giveaways. Aptos rewarded users for passing KYC, testnet participation and minting special NFTs. 

Potential earnings from airdrops:Two years of focusing on airdrop activities with a small deposit could have earned you at least six figures on these projects ?

• ENS (~1k-15k$)
• DYDX (~5k-100k$)
• Biconomy (~8k-25k$)
• Paraswap (~5k-15k$)

• Goldfinch (~1k-20k$)
• Project Galaxy (~1k-15k$)
• Optimism (~1k-40k$)
• Hashflow (~1k-100k$)
• Aptos (~1k-3k$)
• Blur (~1k-100k)
• Arbitrum (~1k-15k)Image

This is just one
First, you need to create wallets. The easiest way to do this is using CoinTool’s batch generator.
After creating wallets, download an anti-detect browser.An antidetect browser is a web-browsing app that uses data spoofing to protect privacy. Its unique digital fingerprint and browser header are often used to manage multiple accounts or enhance online privacy. 

Marlon recommended using Dolphin Anty. It offers the best value for your money.• anty.dolphin.ru.com/a/10176Image

Create an account, download the application for your OS, and click “pay.”They offer a 3-day trial for up to 10 profiles, but I suggest picking a plan based on how many accounts you’ll be managing.Image

Marlon handles 100 accounts, so he use the “base” plan. But if you’re just starting out, pick the “free” option with 10 profiles for only $10 a month.Btw, there is payment in crypto.ImageImage

Next step: Get proxies for each profile you plan to run.Visit proxys.io/en?refid=63213 and purchase your proxy.

Choose “Individual IPv4 (foreign)” and select any country *except* those that are sanctioned – they’re off-limits for tokenseals participation, etc.ImageImage

Click on “Order” and save your IP address, port, login, and password.ImageImage
Install Dolphin Anty, create a profile, and add your proxy.ImageImage
Add the MetaMask extension from the Google Web Store.• Go to the “Extensions” tab.
• Click on “Create”.
• Add this link:

Create all the profiles you’ll be working with and click “Start”.Import wallets created using CoinTool.
One profile – one wallet.ImageImage

Once you’ve imported the wallets, it’s time to strategically refill them.Avoid being flagged as a Sybil by funding from multiple addresses and avoiding any overlap between them.

Marlon recommends using the Bitget exchange. No KYC needed and they have sub-accounts.• partner.bitget.com/bg/Y23XF9Image

Once you’ve created an Bitget account, create sub-accounts for each wallet.ImageImage
Now you can switch between subaccounts. Each subaccount now has a unique address.Withdrawals can be made from one exchange account, but deposits must go to different addresses to avoid overlap – this is crucial!Image

Create up to 50 addresses on each subaccount. That’s a total of 100 addresses with two subaccounts.ImageTracking wallet balances manually is a tedious and time-consuming task.

This spreadsheet reveals the balance and value of native coins, along with the priciest ERC-20 token on wallets across major networks:
• docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d…Image

How To MaKe Millions From Airdrops Managing Multiple Accounts

Just make a copy and add your addresses and you will no longer need to go to each wallet separately.This spreadsheet runs on scripts, takes information from blockchain scans. It has the ability to hide balances in individual networks to save parsing resources.Image

Time for on-chain action.The most important goal? Conceal any connection between your on-chain addresses.Image

The part below was inspired by @Auri_0xTips for appearing like a real user:

• Withdraw random amounts at different times
• Use old wallets with transaction history (without overlap)
• If you don’t have old wallets, create new ones 

Spread your tokens across multiple networks. Aim for a total balance of at least $100.Check wallet overlaps here:
• breadcrumbs.app
• ethtective.comImage

When interacting with relatively unpopular contracts, make sure there are other addresses’ transactions in-between yours. Do not allow the same interaction pattern. The sequence of actions and interactions must make sense.

If you’re bridging to different chains only to bounce back, then you’re definitely sybilling.

If Twitter cuts off this thread, don’t worry – just click on this tweet and all will be revealed. 

If you find yourself performing the same actions across hundreds of addresses on a DEX, like swapping, sending, and providing liquidity, it’s crucial to mix them up and randomize your approach.Image

Frequency matters. The more, the better – but don’t raise suspicion by going overboard.And for volumes? You don’t need thousands to farm. Start with 10-20 bucks and avoid dealing with cents. 

Use @Dune dashboards to differentiate yourself from the 80%+ and scale up smart.E.g., bridging 0.1 ETH to zkSync beats out over 70% of users.
Always aim to come out on top across all metrics.Image

Scored a big airdrop? Marlon recommends reinvesting it in your team and scaling up! Rent an office and hire acquaintances to help you out.Image

Don’t waste your time on weak projects. Focus only on the solid ones and aim to maximize your accounts (e.g. LayerZero, ZkSync, Starknet) 

By investing just $15 in Arbitrum transactions, you could have earned over $1,000.For 100 accounts, you would have spent $1,500 and made more than $100,000.Image

Here’s how Sui case went down:

To get tokensale allocations, you needed a Discord account. But to avoid getting banned for having too many accounts, you had to use anti detect and proxies to simulate individual users – just like on other social platforms and forms.


If you had joined Sui Discord with 100 accounts before February 1st, you would have received about 50 allocations.Now, picture this: for just $2,250, you could buy back those allocations and earn around $100,000. 

“Where do I get 50 exchange accounts?” you ask.Trading other people’s data is illegal, so why not offer your friends a cut of the profits for their help?

Don’t have many acquaintances? A trusted source can provide assistance for a small fee:

To avoid getting banned, warm up your antidetect after launch. Visit top sites like Amazon and Facebook, and do random actions to get cookies as a real user.

The sites track organic activity, so don’t skip this crucial step.Image

After that, you can begin creating your social profiles.Once created, don’t immediately rush to join and follow too many projects. Start by setting up your own Discord server and writing something there. When it comes to social networks, upload a geotagged iPhone photo.


Sybil Hunters can’t touch you now.In conclusion, mastering the art of airdrop farming can change your life.

But let’s circle back to the start of this thread. The knowledge I’ve shared comes with great responsibility. Please note: This information is for reference only. 

Shout-out to the amazing folks who helped make this thread possible!

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