Iron Mike Tyson displays incredible speed with boxing jabs at 53 (VIDEO)

Like the polar saying, that “Form is temporary but Class is permanent”, it is so true for legends like Mike Tyson who despite his older age has managed to keep his body fit at all times.Mike Tyson giving jabs super fast at 53 years oldAnd judging by his latest clip on social media, even if he decides to step into the boxing ring once more, I’m sure he would still be as thrilling as he was years ago.


Iron Mike Tyson

It is without a doubt that the boxing legend Mike Tyson still has that midas punch to knockout any faulting opponent in the ring, and seeing him once again in a latest viral video reminds one of the good old days when he reigned supreme in the heavyweight boxing category. Interestingly he shared a clip of himself doing some training jabs, and it was stunning to see his speed hasn’t depreciated any bit at all – he is still as fast at throwing those punches as he was years ago.

Undoubtedly he still holds the record of being the youngest boxer to win a heavyweight title at just 20. Now he is 53 but he is still throwing punches as fast as thunder lightning!

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