Obio Oluebube Biography And Net Worth

Obio Oluebube Biography And Net Worth

Obio Oluebube Biography And Net Worth

Obio Oluebube is a fast rising Nollywood actress mainly starring in Uche Nancy films. She was born on August 12, 2004 in Okija, a small town in the governorate of Ihiala in the state of Anambra in south-eastern Nigeria. She is currently 18 years old. She is believed to be the adopted daughter of famed Nollywood film producer and costume designer Uche Nancy. She is very beautiful, gifted, skillful, creative and talented in acting and interpreting film roles. She is very good at interpreting her roles and can fit into any character given to her by film producers and directors in Nigeria.

Obio Oluebube hails from Okija, a small town in Ihiala Governorate, Anambra State, south-eastern Nigeria, and belongs to the Igbo tribe. She is a little Nigerian Nollywood actress who is rising fast in the Nigerian film industry. Her success has been amazing over the past few years. She is a dwarf baby, just like Aki and Pawpaw. She has an unusually small stature, which she used in her comedic roles in films. Oluebube Obio has acted alongside Nollywood stars like Zubby Michael, Mercy Johnson, Queen Nwokoye, Harry B, Ngozi Ezeonu, Chiwetalu Agu, Livinus Nnochiri, Chinenye Nnebe, Sonia Uche, Prince Iyke Olisa and many other top Nollywood stars.

Oluebube Obio has an older brother named Snowboy Obio who is also a singer in the entertainment industry. Due to her short stature, she has been compared to such well-known comedians as Chinedu Ikedieze (Aki), Osita Iheme (Pawpaw), Mary Onyemena (Miss Koikoi). When her video “Aunty put me down” went viral, Obio Oluebube became widely known.

Obio Oluebube is a fast rising Nollywood actress who wants to take the Nigerian film industry by storm. Obio Oluebube is currently 18 years old. She was born in Okija Village, Ihiala Prefecture, Anambra State. Due to their height and stature, many are surprised by their age.

She completed both her elementary and secondary education in Anambra State. Obio Oluebebe has not yet been admitted to a Nigerian university. Although she has completed her primary and secondary education. Her parents are Mr. and Mrs. Obio. Many may not know her birth parents because she has not shared or posted any of their pictures on social media. Others thought she was the biological daughter of Nollywood film producer and costume designer Uche Nancy because they are always spotted together on social media. But in reality she is not related to Uche Nancy by blood, rather Uche Nancy sees her as her adopted daughter.

Obio Oluebube is a fast-rising actress who is on her way to stardom so fast. The aspiring actress is appearing more frequently in comedy Nollywood films, especially those produced in Asaba. Her first taste of fame came after a short video of her titled “Aunty put me down” went viral on the internet. Obio Oluebube is currently managed by Snowboy, her older brother.

Obio Oluebube has acted in a large number of Nollywood films despite being a newcomer to the industry. Obio Oluebube has acted with a number of prominent figures in the film industry, including Mercy Johnson, Chiwetalu Agu, Queen Nwokoye, Harry B and Ngozi Ezeonu, among others. She has acted in films like Ezenwayi, Heart Of A Tiger, House Pleasure and many more.

Obio Oluebube is not married and does not flaunt her boyfriend, fiancé or relationship on social media. Meanwhile, she is still young to have a boyfriend or to get married as she is only 18 years old. She wants to focus on her career first. Obio Oluebube has an estimated net worth of $70,000. She charges no less than N200,000 per film.

Below is an interview she gave recently where she reveals all about herself.

Is Nollywood a good place for you?

“Yeah, I think it’s a good place for me because Nollywood got people to know me very well and it put me out very well. It can make a person who doesn’t know me know me.”

Do you think your personality can influence your career as an actress?

“I don’t think so, because whatever God wants for anyone, it will come true. I don’t think my personality can influence my career because others who have made it in life have not been influenced by their personality. Even some who cannot speak or walk have used their condition to make it in life. Even people smaller than me make it through life.

What drew you to becoming an actress?

“When I watch movies I always feel like I’m her, I just want to act like her. The way I see actors act, speak and behave on screen makes me want to be like them.”

Are your parents comfortable with the fact that you’re an actress?

Yes of course! You are cozy. That’s because I always tell them and they even agreed to support me.

Do you sometimes feel bad just the way you are?

Occasionally, but increasingly, I don’t feel bad about receiving advice from others, including our principal. She often tells me that teeth are used for laughing. So if no one laughs at you, you are irrelevant. So I don’t feel guilty anymore.

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