OmniFDN Origins Testnet: Step-By-Step Guide

OmniFDN Origins Testnet: Step-By-Step Guide

OMNI is next generation Layer-1 blockchain leading the frontier in both security and functionality This Network is built to connect all rollups, and OmniFDN Origins Testnet is NOW open.

OmniFDN Origins Testnet
OmniFDN Origins Testnet: Step-By-Step Guide 1

Omni is a layer 1 blockchain built to connect all rollups. Developers can leverage Omni to build global applications accessible across all rollups. Omni, pioneers the frontier of both security and functionality by securing transactions through restaking $ETH.

Omni secures $18M backing from powerhouse investors like Pantera Capital, Two Sigma Ventures, and Jump Crypto.

@OmniFDN recently announced their Origins TestNet and here is how we would get priority access.

In their revealing Medium post (source below), they teased unexpected surprises along the way, making this test even more worthwhile.


Getting Free OmniFDN Origins Testnet Funds

You can access the Omni Origins Testnet Faucet here. However, the initial launch of our testnet is available exclusively to community members who have participated in our Priority Access Program. If you have not participated yet, you can go to our the Omni Community Galxe Space and after you have been minted 1 OAT for completing a mission you will be eligible to claim funds from the faucet.

OmniFDN Origins Testne
OmniFDN Origins Testnet: Step-By-Step Guide 2

OmniFDN Origins TestneT Participation Guide

If so, I’ll let you know how to participate. I think the most curious thing is not the booster here? Let’s start.

1/ Join Galxe

Anyone can easily collect points?  ( Discorde subscription, Twitter follow, light, retweet, etc.) Already 2 missions have ended and 2 can still claim.


OmniFDN Origins Testnet
OmniFDN Origins Testnet: Step-By-Step Guide 3

3/ Interaction

We will go to the Omni site below and let them work together.


First, if you connect the upper right wallet, it will automatically connect you to Omni Testnet.

OmniFDN Origins Testnet
OmniFDN Origins Testnet: Step-By-Step Guide 4

Enter the amount in Deposit and click Deposit Funds at the bottom

You can also do Withdraw and claim rewards on the Claim tab over time. The method is not difficult, so anyone can participate easily.

OmniFDN Origins Testnet
OmniFDN Origins Testnet: Step-By-Step Guide 5

Join Zealy

Next, collect points through Zealy, which everyone knows well. Points collection methods include Twitter follow, discod subscription, blog subscription, and quiz below.

Zealy site

Quiz Why so many? Let me release it once. You only enter the answer! Omni’s Purpose is the answer to the butter.


OmniFDN Origins Testnet
OmniFDN Origins Testnet: Step-By-Step Guide 6

Guild Role For OmniFDN Origins Testnet

The Omni network also has a guild, but there seems to be no important roll yet, but let’s join! Omni Guild Member, Omnicrew, Educator 3 only.


TaskOn participation For OmniFDN Origins Testnet


Asetpay x OmniFDN Origins Testnet

Mint the Ashepei Entry Pass in Omnichein. You’ll need 1OMNI for mint, but if you claim a testnet token, you can mint this pass.


OmniFDN Origins Testnet: Step-By-Step Guide 7

So far.  Keep your community on your arms and let the news follow. Oh, and don’t forget to leave feedback on the discod feedback channel!


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