Stella Testnet: How To Guide On Stella Testnet

Stella Testnet: How To Guide On Stella Testnet

Welcome, esteemed Alpha supporters and community members, to the grand revelation of Stella Testnet! This cutting-edge platform marks a significant milestone in the evolution of Alpha. With Stella Testnet, we are ushering in a new era, redefining the boundaries of what’s possible in leveraging strategies. Join us on this remarkable journey as we explore the limitless potential of Stella Testnet and its role in shaping the future of Alpha.

What is Stella testnet?

Dear Alpha supporters & community, Alpha is making a laser-focused move and becoming: Stella — The Leveraged Strategies Protocol with 0% Cost to Borrow, Soon on Arbitrum Here’s everything you can expect from the new product, the roadmap, and PAYE model.

Stella is an innovative leveraged strategies protocol that offers 0% borrowing costs to users. Through the use of a ‘Pay-As-You-Earn’ model, lenders can reap incredibly high yields while leveragers can interact with their supported DeFi strategies.

Due to being such a unique platform, they’ve caught the eye of many big name investors. The team has raised funds from places like Binance Labs and Multicoin Capital.

In their documents, they danced around the question of an airdrop, saying there are “no promises”. That being said, they did not deny the possibility of it happening. So, it’s absolutely worth interacting with their testnet platform.

⚡️Stella Testnet | Get OG Role⚡️

➡️Join Guild :
– Connect Wallet
– Join Discord
– Get “ OG Role “

Lets Start:-

Wallet Setup:-

Install Metamask wallet

First thing you’re going to need to do, if you don’t have the Goerli Testnets already, is head over to https://chainlist.org Search for ‘Goerli’ and make sure you have the ‘Include Testnets’ button selected. Then add these two Goerli networks to your MetaMask.

 Goerli Testnet
Stella Testnet: How To Guide On Stella Testnet 1

Test token

-Bridge Goerli ETH to Arbitrum -Goerli: https://bridge.arbitrum.io/

Next, we need get some Goerli ETH
Stella Testnet: How To Guide On Stella Testnet 2

Now, we need to get it onto Arbitrum Goerli. You can find the official bridge at https://bridge.arbitrum.io, then you just have to wait for the funds to be bridged over.

Once you’ve bridged successfully, switch over to Arbitrum Goerli and head over to their platform: https://app.stellaxyz.io Sign in and accept the terms and conditions, then it’s time to start using the platform.

, switch over to Arbitrum Goerli
Stella Testnet: How To Guide On Stella Testnet 3

First thing to do is mint some tokens to play around with. Hit the big “Mint” button at the very top of the page to get some Testnet BTC and DAI. If you’re receiving errors while minting, edit your gas fee until it works.

Now, in the Strategy tab, click “Open” on the DAI/BTC pair. Here, you can choose your position type, price range, and supply/borrow with your tokens. After you’ve made your selections, open your position.

Now, in the Strategy tab, click
Stella Testnet: How To Guide On Stella Testnet 4

Next, select the ‘Lend’ Tab. Here you can choose to deposit and withdraw some of your Testnet tokens. After depositing, you’ll have to wait 3 minutes to be able to withdraw from the pools.

Finally, click on the ‘Your Positions’ tab. Here you can close your positions, and can also add/withdraw from lending pools from here. Play around with their system, and try out the different strategies available to you.

Finally, head over to their discord. All their socials are available on their website: https://stellaxyz.io Head over the feedback section, tell the team your experience, and feel free to leave your wallet address for good measure.

And that’s it! Stella is an incredibly innovative platform that can potentially make some big waves in the DeFi space. It’s definitely one you don’t want to overlook.

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