The hardest journey is not finding your purpose but knowing yourself – Toke Makinwa | Theinfong

Media personnel, Toke Makinwa on Wednesday shared gave her fans some motivational words of encouragement.

Toke Makinwa encouraged her fans not to stop working on their selves as she stressed that the the hardest journey is not finding one’s purpose, but knowing one’s self.

She said,

“There’s truly nothing like exhaling, working on ones self, find a better you, evolving and glowing from within, the glow up should not be on the outside alone, seek wisdom, get therapy if you must but never stop working on you.

It’s not overnight, you will slip back into certain places but the key is being aware, knowing your triggers and building your emotional strength to not stay down but get up after every fall.

People think the hardest journey you’ll embark on is finding your purpose, I think it’s knowing yourself, understanding how flawed you are without judging yourself, giving yourself some room for growth and checking yourself, your purpose will come to you, just keep working.”


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