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Who is Tony Kabaka in Edo State?
Tony Kabaka (born May 1, 1980) is a Nigerian politician, entrepreneur, hotel owner and All Progressives Congress (APC) youth leader in Edo State.
Tony Adun Kabaka is an Edo State-born influential tax collector for the Edo government.
Tony Kabaka’s 2022, 2021 Net Worth is estimated at $2 Million. His net worth in naira in 2022 is about 1,200,000,000 billion naira. Tony Kabaka is one of the richest “cultists” and “agbero” of territory boys in Edo state.

Tony Kabaka Profile Bio Data Wiki Facts
Name: Tony Kabaka
Real name: Tony Adun
Full Name: Anthony Adun
Country of Origin: Edo State
Hometown: Benin
Date of Birth: May 1, 1980
Birthday: May 1st
Age: 42 years (2022)
Occupation: politician, businessman, hotel owner
Height: 5″5 feet tall
Religion: Christian
Relationship, Marital Status: Married
Wife: Toyin Adun
Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Adun
Mother: Mrs. Bose Adun (late)
Uncle: Chief Osamede Adun
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Bio, Wiki: Who is Tony Kabaka Adun?
Tony Adun aka Tony Kabaka is the former Chairman of Akugbe Ventures, an Edo State Government consulting firm responsible for collecting Personal Income Tax (PIT) on commercial vehicles in Edo State’s 18 local governorates. He is an Edo State-born politician and businessman.
Tony Kabaka is a political enforcer of Popular Edo, youth leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Edo state who rose to fame as a die-hard loyalist to former governor Adams Oshiomhole.
Tony Kabaka Hotel, Cost, Name, Location, Address and Pictures: Tony Kabaka Adun Hotel name is T. Latifah Hotel and Suites at Akin Oladiyun Street, Off Ugbor Road, Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria. The value of the hotel is over 400 million naira.

Image of the Tony Kabaka Hotel before demolition

Tony Kabaka Hotel destroyed, demolished, demolition videos: When and how was the Tony Kabaka Hotel demolished? Tony Kabaka’s T. Latifah Hotel and Suites was demolished by the Edo State Government on February 5, 2020. The demolition follows a seven-day notice issued in October 2019 by the Department for Spatial Planning and Urban Development to Tony Adun removing the hotel on the grounds that it was built on the site of a public elementary school.

Not only did Tony Adun Kabaka lose his huge multi-million investment for allegedly building on government land, he was also ordered to pay N18 million naira by the Obaseki-led Edo government in logistical costs to demolish the property and clear away the rubble.

EDSG demolishes Tony Kabaka’s hotel in Benin

Tony Kabaka’s response to the demolition of his Benin hotel

Tony Kabaka is asking the court to order Governor Obaseki’s restoration

Alisha Jahnel takes on Tony Kabaka’s hotel demolition

Everyone is busy crying for Tony Kabaka
You can’t steal from the poor, oppress the poor, humiliate the poor because you have togs that can do your dirty work and forget about KAMA

Have any of you ever wondered where you got the MONEY to build this hotel? Have any of you ever thought how many mothers/fathers he stole the pain he caused them on the streets of Benin?
And the emotional upheaval it caused them
My mother was one of those women, may her soul REST IN PEACE
All she did was sell on the streets of Benin to provide for her children
But the likes of Tony Kabaka and Bob Izua will never let her go about her business in peace
This is his kama
You can’t steal from the poor
Oppress the poor and forget about KAMA
Tony Kabaka A cultist: Is Tony Kabaka a cultist? Yes, Tony Kabaka has confessed to being a cultist and a member of the NBM.
Sectarianism still exists because the government is involved. The cult will end if the government really wants it to end – Cabaka
Tony Kabaka, a prominent youth leader from the All Progressive Congress (APC) in Edo state, was recently mentioned in a BBC Africa Eye report as a member of the feared brotherhood, IGBERETV reports.
In an interview with a BBC journalist, Kabaka explained that he is mobilizing cult groups to help win elections in Edo State. He also stated that he could identify Brotherhood members in government.
In the same interview, he explained that most politicians are involved in cultism because they need them to get elected to political positions.
Kabaka said he benefited greatly from APC leader Adams Oshiomole, who he says was responsible for his financial breakthrough in life.
It is widely believed that Kabaka carries out nefarious activities for the All Progressive Congress.
Educational History by Tony Kabaka
Tony Kabaka studied at the Baptist High School in Benin City. His Facebook profile says he was also at the University of Benin. It is not clear whether Tony Kabaka graduated from the university and the course he studied.
Tony Kabaka Country of Origin, Hometown, Village: Where is Tony Kabaka from? Tony Kabaka is from Benin, Edo State, Nigeria. He hails from the South-South part of Nigeria.
Tony Kabaka tribe: Tony Kabaka is from the Bini tribe of Edo State.
Tony Kabaka Date of Birth, Birthday, Age: Tony Kabaka was born on May 1, 1980.
Tony Kabaka Age: How old is Tony Kabaka? Tony Kabaka is now 42 years old in 2022. His friends and family took to Facebook to celebrate Kabaka on his birthday.
However, a Facebook user, Olaniyi Soyemi, believes that Tony Adun Kabaka is well over 42 years old. He wrote; “I came to Benin in 1988, he was a full grown adult then. Also, he celebrated his golden anniversary about 2 years ago (2020).”
Tony Kabaka Size: How tall is Tony Kabaka? Tony Kabaka is short. He is 5″5 feet tall.

Tony Kabaka religion: Tony Kabaka is a Christian, not a Muslim. Tony KABABA reportedly gave his life to Christ in December 2021.
Tony Kabaka Family, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings Sister, Brother: Tony Kabaka was born in Edo to the family of Mr. and Mrs. Adun. Not much is known about his siblings brothers and sisters.
Tony Kabaka father: Who is Tony Kabaka’s father? Tony Kabaka father, Mr. Adun is running late.
Tony Kabaka mother, name, pictures, death: Tony Kabaka’s mother’s name is Mrs. Bose Adun. she is late She died in May 2015 at the age of 61.
The late Ms. Bose Adun aka Mama Tony Kabaka (1954-2015) was the mother of Edo APC chief and youth leader Tony Adun Kabaka who died in 2015 at the age of 61.

Photo of Tony Kabaka’s mother

Tony Kabaka Married Marriage Wedding Pictures: Is Tony Kabaka married? Yes, Tony Kabaka is married to his wife Mrs. Toyin Adun and has children.

Tony Kabaka and his wife Toyin Adun were traditionally married in Benin in January 2016 and their white wedding in May 2016. Some politician and celebrity names who attended Tony Kabaka’s wedding include Adams Oshiomhole, MI, Mr. Ibu, Chinedu Ikedieze Aki, Anita Joseph, Omalicha, Steve Egboh, Charles Inojie, Charles Awurum and some others.

Tony Kabaka wife: Tony Kabaka’s wife is Toyin Adun. She is beautiful and has a tattoo on her arm.

Photo of Tony Kabaka’s wife

Tony Kabaka kids: Information unavailable on Tony Kabaka and his wife’s child or children.
Tony Kabaka Net Worth 2022, 2021 Forbes, Dollar, Naira, Salary, Income
How much is Tony Kabaka worth? Tony Kabaka net worth in 2022, 2022 is about $2 million.
Tony Kabaka Adun Net Worth in Naira: Tony Kabaka Net Worth in Naira in 2022 is about ₦1,200,000,000 Billion Naira.
Tony Kabaka house and cars, mansion

Tony Kabaka house: Tony Kabaka lives in his own home, a white house, mansion in Benin, Edo, Nigeria.
Tony Kabaka cars: Tony Kabaka is the owner of luxury cars that can be seen at his mansion and garage.
Tony Kabaka lion: Tony Kabaka owns 2 Lions which he bought in 2019 for security reasons after some people tried to assassinate him.
Tony Kabaka phone number, contact, whatsapp: Tony Kabaka phone number not available.