Top 10 Entitled Celebrities Who NEED To Be Humbled

Celebrity status can be a wonderful thing, but sometimes it can lead to arrogance and entitlement. When celebs begin to think they know better than everyone else. Here are 10 celebrities who need to be humble and learn from their mistakes.

10. jay-z: yes, he’s indeed a famous rapper with a stellar career that made millions and millions of dollars, and the fact that he’s married to Beyonce is something to brag about with all that considered anyone would be cocky, but jay-z takes it to a whole other level his arrogance was at an all-time high in 2013 when social activist heavily criticized him harry Belafonte and other prominent figures in the black community for what they believe is a lack of social responsibility.

He responded in literally the worst way possible quote. I’m offended by that because, first of all, this is going to sound arrogant; my presence is charity, just who I am, just like Obama’s is. He went on to say that Obama provides hope. Whether he does anything, the hope that he provides for a nation and outside America is enough.

So basically, he says he’s doing the same thing by being famous. Not only that, but in 2012, jay-z dissed Robert de Niro, who was a big fan of his music. The actor reportedly called jay-z six times to work with him and received a total of zero calls back. De Niro then verbally confronted jay-z about the situation and said it doesn’t matter who you are. If someone calls you six times, you call them back. It doesn’t matter who you are. That is just rude.

9. Gwyneth paltrow: she’s one of those celebrities that really need to be humbled even before trying to be some kind of lifestyle guru she made it clear a long time ago just how out of touch she is with regular people she once made an entire population of working mothers angry when she said quote it’s much harder for me i think to have a regular job and to be a mom is not as of course there are challenges but it’s not like being on set not only that but in 2009 she was quoted saying i am who i am i can’t pretend to be somebody who makes 25 000 a year even earlier in 2006 she trash-talked rhys witherspoon’s career quote why is she doing these stupid romantic comedies but of course it’s for money and status and let’s not forget all the drama with the goop lab which is just another way for paltrow to push her so-called healthy lifestyle onto regular people where she posts must have outfits that cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars and tries to frame it as a necessity her website was also heavily criticized for promoting questionable things like sprays and crystals that are meant to prevent mental manipulation by people not to mention potentially dangerous supplements that were marketed to pregnant women so it’s no surprise that she earned the top spot in star’s 2013 most hated celebrity list.

8. Jennifer lopez jlo’s: reputation as a diva precedes her and over the years it’s become blaringly obvious that she is not at all down to earth she didn’t hold back when it came to her opinion on sharing the stage with shakira at the 2020 super bowl halftime show in her newly released documentary called half time she labeled it as the worst idea in the world quote if it was going to be a double headliner they should have given us 20 minutes that’s what they should have effing done basically it turns out that jennifer was frustrated with the nfl for booking two headliners and making them share the stage at the same time she’s also notorious for refusing to talk to certain people like in 2012 when she got a hotel maid fired for asking for her signature or when she was on a commercial airline and a flight attendant asked jayla what she wanted to drink and rather than telling the attendant she turned to her assistant to have them relay the drink order let’s also mention the infamous movie line interview in 1998 when she basically decided to trash all the other celebrities that were big at the time and try to trivialize their career when asked about madonna she said quote do i think she’s a great performer yeah do i think she’s a great actress no acting is what i do so i’m harder on people when they say oh i can do that and i’m like no don’t spit on my craft.

7. Justin bieber: in the beginning of his career as a young teen biba seemed to be extremely humble and kind but as his fame grew so did his attitude and lack of human decency he took his apparent belief that he is a one of a kind way beyond his position in the music industry like when bieber said that he hoped anne frank would have been a believer the once teenage heartthrob shocked the internet in 2013 when he was in amsterdam visiting the hiding place of the young victim which has since been turned into a museum the canadian pop star opened himself up to ridicule an online anger when he wrote in the anne frank house guest book that it was truly inspiring to be able to come here and that anne was a great girl hopefully she would have been a believer the comments were insensitive at best as it sounded like he believed anne frank would have been his devoted fan not only that but he’s also thought of himself above the law on several occasions and is known for his atrocious behavior in public he’s been in trouble with the cops for graffiti spraying egg throwing smoking and causing disturbances to his neighbors just to name a few in a 2013 billboard interview bieber said quote don’t say i’m not talented if you haven’t noticed i wasn’t made i was found yeah okay.

6. Adam levine: there is no denying adam levine’s sex symbol status but for that exact same reason he has also been labeled a bit too cocky for his own good in fact just last year a tick tock went viral of adam going off on a fan for coming on stage the incident happened during a maroon 5 performance when he was belting out the band’s 2004 hit sunday morning and an overly eager fan suddenly rushed to the stage and reached for him the video shows that security quickly grabbed the woman and pulled her away from adam who was then seen cursing shuddering and shaking off the experience before getting back into the music many were offended by his visceral reaction suggesting that he should humble himself and remember the band is only successful because of its fans but back in a 2014 interview with gq magazine the singer addressed his reputation as a bit of an egomaniac quote i’m not arrogant i’m cocky it’s different cocky is playful others would certainly beg to differ but if you want to know what was really obnoxious let’s look at his tone deaf comments about infidelity in 2009 when he said i have cheated and you know what there is nothing worse than the feeling of doing it so apparently it’s not hard for the people that are getting cheated on only the people that are doing the cheating.

5. kim kardashian: the keeping up with the kardashian star was never really one to be humble in fact she’s known to be obnoxious and what some would call everything that’s wrong with celebrity culture these days she is totally obsessed with her appearance and fans have seen her complain about not being skinny enough or fashionable enough for years on her show so no one was really surprised when in 2015 she published a book containing only her selfies which certainly speaks to how confident she is that people would want to buy a thousand photos of her face or in 2011 when old navy released a series of ads featuring a brunette woman that looked ever so slightly similar to kim so she sued the company for millions of dollars she believed that they capitalized on her look and caused serious damage to her career which caused her to lose somewhere in the range of 15 to 20 million dollars not to mention when she tried to break into the music industry in 2011 with her one and only song that was called jam turn it up let’s just say that it was a flop but the music video was comedy gold it’s really no wonder that she’s known as the most conceited of the kardashians

4. Kanye west: there are approximately over a hundred thousand ridiculous kanye west quotes on why he thinks that he’s so great so much so that these days he’s more known for his erratic behavior and strange comments rather than for his music and fashion endeavors like at the 2009 mtv video music awards when he infamously interrupted taylor swift’s acceptance speech for best female video kanye jumped on stage and took over the mic declaring that beyonce had one of the best videos of all time and it wasn’t just a heat of the moment thing he seemed to be genuinely okay with interrupting another person’s acceptance speech because a whole decade later he told nick cannon quote if god didn’t want me to run up on stage and say beyonce had the best video he wouldn’t have sat me in the front row apart from that one of the cockiest things he’s ever said was quote for me i am a creative genius there’s no other way to word it he’s also compared himself to shakespeare andy warhol and tupac in fact he once said i’m my own favorite rapper and that his greatest pain in life is that he will never be able to see himself perform live wow.

3. Russell crowe: the actor has long been the poster boy for arrogant hollywood types blokey swearing and random acts of pg violence there were rumors that he threatened any media platform that published stories about him having a fling with courtney love and some say that he chose to have a bodyguard accompany him into public toilets to ensure that no one else enters while he was there but one of the wildest displays of his arrogance was in 2002 when he intimidated and attacked the producer of the bafta awards for cutting his speech short and preventing him from reciting poetry to the world around this time a crow appeared to be maxing out on his obnoxious troublemaking and in 2004 he beat up his own bodyguard because he insinuated that the actor had had enough to drink then only a year later he was charged with criminal possession of a weapon for allegedly throwing a phone that cut a hotel clerk’s eye or because he was unable to get connected with his wife the australian actor is also notoriously difficult to work with and has been described as having a legendarily bad temper regularly shouting at his scriptwriters yelling at them on phone calls while discussing the story in fact while filming gladiator crow allegedly threatened a seasoned producer and said that he would kill him with his bare hands because he is annoying the hell out of him

2. Leas Michelle: she has recently made headlines for replacing fellow actress beanie feldstein in the broadway production of funny girl and fans are fuming they have good reason to be upset because leah michelle is the complete opposite of humble in fact the actress is still being plagued by multiple allegations of racism and bullying that surfaced in june of 2020 according to actors that worked with her on the set of glee she was an extremely spoiled and hateful person while only rumors circulated about her demeanor before everything changed when the actress tweeted her support for black lives matter and her former co-star samantha ware called her out on her hypocrisy after samantha spoke out dozens of co-stars film crew and staff flooded social media with stories about the diva in fact one twitter user shared an instance when she worked with michelle and the late cory monty quote i’ve been telling people this for years i worked with her once she literally would only speak to me through her assistant just not addressing my presence she was two feet away corey was kind and incredibly lovely to work with so it’s safe to say that her real-life personality matched up with her arrogant on-screen persona as rachel berry and

1. shyla buff: never a stranger to acting out bad behavior or questionable choices sheila buff’s antics have given him a reputation for being one of the most obnoxious actors that hollywood has ever produced one perfect example of this was when the transformers actor tried his hand at directing and came out with his very own short film called howard cantor which was shown at cairns in may 2012 and received significant acclaim and praise from critics everywhere but what people didn’t realize is that he literally stole the whole script and tried to claim it off as his own the script was published online in late 2013 and comic fans noticed that the story was copied pretty much word for word from a book by daniel close without credit consent or even compensation to make matters worse when confronted about it shia apologized and then later revealed to have plagiarized all of his apologies from other people only a few weeks later as a publicity stunt to gain attention he declared that he was retiring from his persona as a celebrity and started appearing in public wearing a paper bag on his head with the words i am not famous anymore written on it if any celebrity would benefit from being humbled it’s definitely shyla buff that’s all for today thank you guys so much for reading this article and i’ll catch you in the article.

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