Tyche Incentivized Testnet — New Airdrop on zkSync

Tyche Incentivized Testnet — New Airdrop on zkSync


What is @tychezone ?

Tyche is a financial hub that is starting its journey with a decentralized exchange (the Dex) built on EVMOS EVM which is an interoperable Ethereum blockchain with high repute in the crypto space.First, let me tell you about Tyche’s Automated Market Maker (AMM). It’s like a big pool party where everyone brings different types of assets, and the pool acts as a single counterparty for all transactions. This means users can trade assets with the pool without having to find a counterparty, and liquidity providers can profit from swap fees. Cool, right?

But Tyche’s AMM is not just any ordinary pool party. It uses a smart algorithm to price assets based on their relative values, which is way cooler than traditional order-book-based exchanges. And because it’s decentralized, there are no intermediaries to slow things down or take a cut.

Some key features of the Tyche AMM include its token agnostic nature, which means users can trade any token supported by the Evmos platform. It also has low transaction fees, making it accessible to all users. And with 150 validators securing the Evmos blockchain, you can be sure that Tyche’s AMM is a safe and secure way to trade.

Second, Tyche Protocol’s DEX aggregator is like having a personal shopper for your crypto trades. Instead of manually checking different DEXs for the best rates, the aggregator sources liquidity from various DEXs on Evmos to offer the best possible value for a swap. It’s like having a secret weapon in your trading arsenal, optimizing slippage, swap fees, and token prices to benefit Tyche users. Plus, by combining liquidity from different DEXs, the aggregator helps solve the issue of low liquidity pools on standalone AMMs, providing a more efficient and effective trading experience. And if you’re wondering where the aggregator’s functionality comes from, it’s directly referenced from the 1-inch DEX aggregator.

Lastly, TYCHE has a super cool feature called the NFT lending protocol (NFLP). Basically, users can put up their NFTs as collateral to borrow some crypto assets from the protocol. Think of it like borrowing a cup of sugar from your neighbor, but instead of giving them your favorite spatula as collateral, you give them your rare digital art collection! And just like in the real world, when you put up collateral, the interest rates are lower because the lender has some security in case you can’t pay back the loan. So if you ever find yourself in a pickle and need some crypto assets, don’t sell your NFTs — just use TYCHE’s NFLP and keep your digital art safe and sound!

How to participate in Tyche Incentivized Testnet
1) Get Eth Goerli testnet.

2) Add ZkSync Era testnet network.

-Click on connect MM & Add network.Image

3) Bridge Eth Goerli to ZkSync Era testnet.

-Click on MM.
-Select bridge.
-Input any amount of your choice.
-Make sure you’re on ZkSync testnet network.
-Click on deposit.ImageImageImage

-You can also request for ZkSync Era testnet faucet by clicking on on faucet, then click on request fund’s from faucet.Image
4) Get faucet for @tychezone

Visit faucet.tyche.zone

Connect your MM & request for all.ImageImage

5) Swap.

-Visit zk.app.tyche.zone/#/swap
-Click on connect MM.
-Select swap.
-Input any amount of your choice.
-Click on Swap & confirm swap.

You can use the same method to Swap for others.ImageImageImageImage

6) Stake.

-Select stake.
-Input any amount.

-Click on Approve then Deposit & confirm it on your MM.ImageImageImage

7) Pool.

-Click on pool.
-Select Create New Par.
-Select USDC/TCH.
-Input any amount of your choice.
-Click on Approve TCH.
-Click on supply.
-Click on confirm supply & confirm it on your MM.

You can use the same method to create pools for others.ImageImageImageImage

Now you’re done, you can go back to see all your pool’s, you can Remove if you want by clicking on manage, but I’m not doing that for now.ImageImage
Testnet will be ending soon so I will suggest you.

-Make swaps (weekly)
– Create pools (weekly)
– Stake your Tyche (daily & competitive task)
– Claim your rewards in the farm section (weekly )

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