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What Is a YouTube Video Description Generator?

A YouTube video description generator is an AI-powered tool that automatically creates descriptions for your YouTube videos. Using a sophisticated algorithm, the generator analyzes your video’s content and creates a description that accurately reflects the video’s theme and purpose. The generator can also identify the most relevant keywords and phrases to include, ensuring that your video appears in search results for those terms.

Most YouTube video description generators allow you to customize your descriptions to some extent, so you can add your own personal touch and style. You can choose from different templates, add your own spin on the generated text, and even translate the descriptions into different languages.

Why you should invest time in creating great YouTube Descriptions

YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world.

As a search engine, it needs information to understand what your video is about in order to show it to relevant people that might like to watch it.

YouTube’s tech is pretty sophisticated. It can pick up information from the video itself, but the more you help the search engine out, the better your chances of attracting relevant people that might otherwise not have known that your video exists.

Next to your YouTube Title, you should also invest time in your video description.

Let people know what the video is about, and why they should care to watch it. Try to evoke an emotion and make sure to add relevant keywords when possible.


Add information about yourself, where they can find you, and add a clear call to action. What do you want people to do after watching your video? Visit your website, comment, answer a question?

Lastly, add three relevant hashtags that match your video best. This helps YouTube learn even more about your video and to whom the algorithm should show it. The hashtags will be displayed in your description section and just beneath the video.

Why Use a YouTube Video Description Generator?

Using a YouTube video description generator offers many benefits, including:

  • Saves time and effort: Instead of spending hours crafting the perfect description, you can generate one in a matter of minutes.
  • Increases visibility and discoverability: By including relevant keywords and phrases, your video is more likely to appear in search results and recommended videos.
  • Consistent quality: With a video description generator, you can ensure that all your videos have high-quality descriptions that accurately reflect the content.
  • More engagement: A compelling description can entice viewers to click on your video, watch it all the way through, and even share it with their friends.
  • Easy to use: Most generators are user-friendly and require little to no technical knowledge.

Using a YouTube video description generator is an easy and effective way to maximize your video’s reach and engagement.


What should you write in a YouTube Description?

Video descriptions by default truncate to the first 3 lines (roughly 280 characters) on YouTube when a video is initially loaded. Vimeo’s video description truncation is much more generous at 750 characters. But given YouTube’s dominance with online video, you should ensure you front-load your description with the most important words in the first 3 lines.

It’s worth noting that truncated video descriptions only appear for desktop users. Mobile users don’t see any of the Video Description by default and must choose to expand them

Make sure you experiment to see where the truncation point is. This example from SEOptimer is perfect as it ends just in time with the call to action to visit their website:

Video description example

Video SEO

YouTube’s Creator Academy published 7 top tips for effective YouTube Descriptions and the number #1 tip was “write searchable descriptions”:

Video description tips

Using your target keyword or keyphrase throughout your Video Description is best practice for increasing relevance and helping to elevate your video in search results for your target keywords.

Adding value to the viewing experience

When it comes to helping your viewers understand more about your video and who you are, we suggest splitting your Video Description up into 7 main sections:

1. About the Video (approx 500-1,000 chars): Remember, the first 3 lines are the most important so make sure your target keywords appear here and that you describe the video in a way that aligns to how people are likely to be searching for your topic/subject. After that, feel free to elaborate on additional secondary information or details about what the video covers. Don’t forget to put your Video HashTags at the bottom:

About the video

2. Timestamps (approx 500 chars): This is a useful navigational option you use whereby you paste links to the video’s timecode that align to different parts of your video. Say for example, your video has 5 distinct “chapters”. You can link to each one here so the viewer can quickly jump to the part of the video of most interest to them.

Video timestamps

But how do you create the actual links? You don’t need to! By simply typing a number in minutes:seconds format, YouTube will automatically hyperlink the text and make it clickable – too easy!

Timestamps in-situ

PLUS by adding these timestamps in the Video Description, YouTube automatically puts your timestamp descriptions into the bottom of the video in the play bar:

Video chapters

3. About the Channel (approx 500-1,000 chars): This should be a general description of your channel and what kind of content you publish and how often you publish it.

About the channel

4. Other Recommended Videos / Playlists: (approx 250 chars) Promote some of your other videos or playlists by linking directly to them here and providing a few 1 liners on each to encourage viewers to click-through!

Other videos

It may make sense to link to videos which you haven’t yet published! This is fine, just leave it out but remember to come back and update this section with the new video links once you’ve published them.

5. About your Products & Company (approx 500 – 1,000 chars): Explain what your organization does and your products/services.

About our products

6. Website Link (approx 50 chars):Don’t forget to link to your website!

Our website

7. Contact & Social Links (approx 100-500 chars): Finally link out to some of your other social media pages and profiles like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

Contact and social

How does the Video Description Generator work?

The Video Description Maker is a handy tool for helping you structure and generate perfect SEO-optimized and viewer-friendly Video Descriptions. It helps you focus on creating 7 separate sections which you can fine-tune individually and then copy as a complete string and paste into the Video Description box on YouTube or Vimeo.

Start at the top and work your way through each section. If you don’t want a particular section simply un-tick it. Underneath section 7 are three keyword fields called “Keywords to Target”

Keywords to target

Enter up to three keywords here which you are targeting in order to check the keyword occurrence across your whole video description. If your keyword is mentioned 5 times or more the count will be colored in green indicating an ideal number of occurrences for SEO purposes, otherwise it will be colored in red and you should include it more times in the description. Click “Generate Description” to refresh your keyword usage stats:

Keyword usage

When you’re finished simply hit ‘Copy to Clipboard’, then you’re ready to paste your new Video Description into YouTube!

Updating Video Descriptions on existing Videos

As with editing Video Titles, Tags or HashTags, you can make edits to Video Descriptions on your existing videos without any issue. But remember, when you do this YouTube re-evaluates your video and may update its position in search results depending on a mixture of the changes you’ve made and the previous watch time data achieved.

This can be good or bad: if you had a video that wasn’t very optimized and wasn’t getting a lot of searches, updating the video description might help its search ranking. However, if you have a video that was getting consistent views, changing the video description could disturb that.