Zeta Chain Assimilated 201 OAT Claim Guide

Zeta Chain Assimilated 201 OAT Claim Guide

Another Zeta Chain OAT is ready to be claimed. Here is how you can do it in just a few clicks if you are already a Zeta Testnet participant.

Another Zeta Chain OAT is ready to be claimed. Here is how you can do it in just a few clicks if you are already a Zeta Testnet participant.

Complete The Quiz

Either get the link from the Zeta Galxe page or use this direct link to fill out the document.

Be sure to use the same wallet address as on Galxe.

Answers: C; A; B; B; D; C; B;

Submit and check your score. You should have answered all of them correctly. After this steps is completed you will need to wait a few hours for the submission to be reviewed manually. Come back after a while and you will be able to claim the OAT on Matic.


Is it worth it?

After this OAT there are only two left and “Bring ZETA Home” should be the mainnet launch OAT meaning that the more you collect the more coins you will get once the network launches.

This is all still speculation but it is expected that the number of OATs and points on the Zeta dapp will determine your final allocation. Performing a swap every week gives you 7K points. I’m actively collecting them and I think you should too.

In case you need a guide to get started justĀ click here.

Another week another airdrop hunt. It’s about time we gave ZetaChain a visit and secured some free tokens for the future. You need no money for this one and you will walk away with a free NFT. Show me a better deal, I’ll wait.

ZetaChain Airdrop Hunting Guide Free NFT For Everyone.jpg

Wallet Setup

For this one, you will need to have Goreli testnet added to your Metamask or any other wallet you may use, some Goreli testnet ETH, and about 5 minutes of your time.

  • Add Goreli by using Chainlist
  • Get some testnet ETH from the faucet (You will need to create an Achemy account wich is free and can be created with Gmail.
  • Connect your wallet to the ZetaChain website and request free tokens by clicking on “Get Zeta”.
  • Follow the steps on the Galaxe quest page.

Completing The Quest

To complete this quest you really need to perform only one swap on the ZetaChain website but since it is an omni-chain project that swap will requre sending tokens from one testnet to anohter. The easiest route for me was exchanging ZETA test tokens for Goreli ETH by sending from Polygon Mumbai (testnet) to Goreli Testnet.


If you claimed the ZETA faucet funds only once you may need to wait for another 24H before you can complete a swap because 5 ZETA seems to be the minimum and you only get about 3 tokens with every request which has a 24H reset period.

If you got enough the first time simply compete the swap and prepare your Twitter and Discord accounts.Pending.jpg

All you need to do is follow ZetaChain on Twitter and complete the most basic verification in their Discord channel. If you need to leave you can leave as soon as you claim the NFT.


Click on “Join Now” and click one button to get verified right after the welcome message.


After that is done go back to Galxe, click on “verify” for the Discord task and after a few seconds you should be able to claim the NFT. Click on “Claim”, wait for a few second and you are done.


P.S. Make sure that you have an GALAXE account all set up (Twitter and Discord accounts connected) before starting this quest.

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