How To Make Money In Web 3 As A Beginner In 2024

How To Make Money In Web 3 As A Beginner In 2024

The web keeps evolving. Web 1.0 involved static web pages. Then Web 2.0 came along bringing user-generated content, social media, and mobile apps. Now there’s Web 3.0 decentralizing the web through blockchains, cryptocurrencies, NFTs and more.

Web 3.0, or web3, presents exciting opportunities to make money, even for total beginners. As web3 technology and adoption grows in 2024, many chances will arise to get involved.

Mine Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency mining involves using specialized computer hardware and software to verify transactions on proof-of-work blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Miners receive crypto rewards for contributing computing power to secure and maintain these networks.

While old-school mining is very competitive, new alternatives like cloud mining allow anyone to participate more easily.

Cloud mining services handle the hardware and maintenance. You pay them to mine coins under your account name receiving payouts afterwards. Contract terms vary so research thoroughly before purchasing any cloud mining plans.

ETH mining will soon transition from proof-of-work to proof-of-stake ending hardware mining rewards. But other newer coins can still be profitably mined like Ravencoin, Flux, and Ergo.

Lend Out Cryptocurrencies

Lending crypto allows holders to earn attractive interest rates often far more than traditional savings accounts. Top sites like Nexo, Celsius Network, BlockFi, and others facilitate lending and borrowing transactions.

Rates vary by coin, contract length, loan-to-value ratios, and market conditions. Supplying stablecoins usually offers the most consistent returns given their $1 pegged value.

To lend crypto:

  1. Open account on platform sites like Nexo or Celsius
  2. Transfer coins into the account
  3. Choose lending terms which range from 1-12 months
  4. Earn the quoted APY interest

Reputable services have paid out millions in rewards already with sufficiently manageable risks for most.

Stake Crypto Assets

Staking represents another method for earning passive income on crypto holdings. It involves temporarily locking up coins to help validate blockchain transactions in proof-of-stake networks. Stakers essentially act like miners earning rewards for securing the network.

Many leading smart contract platforms embrace staking like Polkadot (12% APY), Cardano (4.5% APY), Solana (7.5% APY), and Algorand (8% APY). Ethereum as mentioned will also transition to staking very soon.

Each platform handles staking a bit differently with variables including lockup periods, minimum staking amounts, and reward calculations. Research thoroughly before committing coins to stake on any network.

Yield Farm Precarious New Tokens

Yield farming represents an extremely high risk/high reward DeFi activity allowing cryptocurrencies to be lent out and borrowed via smart contracts for additional earnings. Users can deposit money into these liquidity pools earning big returns from trading fees and emitted tokens.

Top yield aggregators like Yearn Finance make the complex process more approachable. However, many of the underlying tokens used for yield farming tend to be brand new and untested in the market.

While past yield returns have smashed records as high as 7,000% APY, many farms eventually see earned tokens drop dramatically in value afterwards. So strict caution is warranted chasing these fluorescent dreams.

Flip NFTs For Fast Profits

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) took markets by storm in 2021 selling for millions of dollars apiece in some cases. And 2024 should see continued NFT growth as brands, influencers, and creators adopt them for monetization.

Flipping NFTs simply involves buying them low and selling them higher. But successfully pulling this off sustainably requires research and planning.

Tips for flipping NFTs profitably:

  • Target emerging NFT projects before hype spikes
  • Study historical sales data on platforms like OpenSea to identify market values
  • Join Discords and follow builders to gauge community engagement
  • Don’t instantly list for the highest price but allow room for upside

The NFT market stays volatile but flipping remains viable with proper due diligence.

Rent Out Property In Metaverses

Virtual worlds associated with web3 concepts like NFTs and cryptocurrencies continue expanding through the idea of metaverses - persistent 3D environments where users interact as avatars.

Popular metaverses like Decentraland, The Sandbox, and coming offerings from brands like Nike and Disney contain virtual real estate available for purchase or rental just like physical property.

Owning desirable metaverse parcels can generate income from:

  • Renting land to other users to host experiences and build stores
  • Flipping properties for profit
  • Charging admission fees to custom experiences

Top Decentraland estates already sold for millions in 2021 indicating massive virtual world potential.


The open, permissionless, and transparent nature of web3 unlocks money making methods previously unavailable to beginners online. As blockchain adoption continues rising into 2024, now offers the ideal window to explore these options.

Mining coins through cloud services, lending and staking cryptocurrencies, yield farming, NFT flipping, and metaverse real estate offer just some of the ways to profit from decentralized technology growth in the coming years. While risks exist like always, those bold enough to intelligently maneuver the Web3 wave stand to come out ahead financially.

Stay hungry out there and ride the tides of transformation!


Lawal Ridwan

CEO / Co-Founder

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